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ИиТП (д.), Английский язык, Контрольная работа №1, вар.5, 2016
Подробности о скачивании 03.12.2016, 21:25
Вариант 5

1.Перепишите предложения, подчеркните глаголы-сказуемые и укажите в скобках их видовременную форму. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Pen-based computing is just beginning to gain widespread acceptance.
2. Most desktop computers use a separate monitor as a display device.
3. The commitment to create the fastest, most powerful computer in the world is still driving the development of supercomputers.
4. A computer printer is an output device that produces a computer-generated text.
5. If the read /write head encounters an obstacle, specialists are trying to solve this problem.

2.Перепишите предложения, поставьте глаголы в нужную форму (Past Simple/Present Perfect). Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. The widespread availability of computer (change) the world for ever.
2. The first real calculating machines (appear) in 1820 as the result of several people’s experiment.
3. Computers (become) commonplace in offices, research institutes.
4. When IBM introduced its first personal computer in 1981 the firm (choose) the name IBM Personal Computer.
5. Computers (become) valuable medical diagnostic tools.

3.Перепишите предложения, подчеркните глаголы-сказуемые и укажите в скобках их видовременные формы, выражающие будущее время. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Developers are going to create video digitizers which could capture input from virtually any type of video device.
2. A new pen-based system introduced by the postgraduate students will have been tested in our laboratory by May.
3. According to the plan AU computer distributors in the country start to form electronic customer files keeping track of orders, purchases, system failures and returns.
4. Our partners are visiting an international IT exhibition next week.
5. The fourth step is testing the program to be sure that it will run correctly no matter what happens.

4.Перепишите предложения, подчеркните глаголы-сказуемые и укажите в скобках их видовременную форму. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Our lab will have launched a new model of data communication network by the next exhibition.
2. The first supercomputer became the world’s fastest and most powerful computer of the time.
3. We were carrying out experiments when you came in.
4. Computer designers have discovered that they can increase the speed of the processor.
5. Digital computers deal with discrete rather than continuous quantities.

5. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения.
1. There are special interesting computer programs which enhance learning at home.
2. There are a lot of different techniques and tools that can be applied in most of cases very effectively.
3. There are manipulators that are used while operating with graphical interface.
4. There exist several reasons why hard discs perform much better than floppy discs.
5. There are different types of microcomputer platforms with varying capabilities.

6. Прочтите и письменно переведите текст.

Digital Computers

There are two fundamentally different types of computers: analog and digital. In current usage, the term “computer” usually refers to high-speed digital computers. These computers are playing an increasing role in all branches of economy.
Digital computers are based on manipulating discrete binary digits (1s and 0s). They are more effective than analog computers: they are faster; they can transfer huge data bases more accurately; and their coded binary data are easier to store and retrieve than analog signals.
For all their apparent complexity, digital computers are considered to be simple machines. Digital computers are able to recognize only two states in each of its millions of switches, “on” or “off”, or high voltage or low voltage. By assigning binary numbers to there states, 1 for “on” and 0 for “off”, and linking many switches together, a computer can represent any type of data from numbers to letters and musical notes. It is this process of recognizing signals that is known as digitization.
The power of computers influences the characteristics of memory-storage devices. Most digital computers store data both internally, in what is called main memory, and externally, on auxiliary storage units. As a computer processes data and instructions, it temporarily stores information internally on special memory microchips.
Output devices let a user see the results of the computer’s data processing. Being the most commonly used output device, the monitor accepts video signals from a computer and shows different kinds of information such as text, formulas and graphics on its screen. With the help of various printers information stored in one of the computer’s memory systems can be easily printed on paper in a desired number of copies.
Programs, also called software, are detailed sequences of instructions that direct the computer hardware to perform useful operations. In large corporations software is often written by groups of experienced programmers, each person focusing on a specific aspect of the total project. For this reason, scientific and industrial software sometimes costs much more than do the computers on which the programs run.
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